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We’ve been supplying Medical Grade castings to the Medical industry for over 50 years.

A large percentage of our customers are associated with the medical industry. From Xray equipment to infant warmers to birthing beds to operating room lighting to large bases to medical devices of all kinds, we know exactly what is expected concerning Medical Grade Castings.

Top 3 Critical Concerns for Medical Equipment Casting:

Certified metal: Many of the castings we pour are structural in nature, and support either pressure or weight. Metal specs are critical. These castings cannot fail in the field. We pour test chips to insure a solid casting and clean metal. We also provide test bars, insuring tensile, yield, and elongation of each pour.

Tolerances: The medical industry demands very tight tolerances achieved during machining. They go through very stringent sampling (PAPP) to ensure their designs, and then confirm the tolerances from which we cannot deviate.

Cosmetics: A large percentage of the castings we supply require paint or powder coat. Several years ago, we partnered with a major powder supplier. We developed an ‘outgassing free’ powder specifically for our castings. This powder also has a special nylon additive that makes it very resistant to scratches and dings, This factor allows us to have the raw casting coated prior to machining. This eliminates costly masking associated with coating after machining.

We work with all of the major medical companies all over the world. From the very small castings weighing only ounces to the very large Xray castings weighing close to 100 pounds, each casting leaves our plant as a Medical Grade certified casting.

Get in touch with one of our engineers and talk to them about your project. Our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience with castings, machining, and secondaries.