large aluminum casting gearbox

Large aluminum gearbox castings

large aluminum casting explosion proof electrical box

Explosion proof electrical boxes

Large aluminum railroad crossing signal castings

Large aluminum railroad crossing signal castings

large aluminum casting Bell housings for several industries

Bell housings for several industries

large casting After market auto aluminum oil pans

After market auto aluminum oil pans

industries we serve that require large machined aluminum castings

These are just some of the industries that need large aluminum castings. There are only a handful of foundries that can pour castings of this size and complexity. Our semi-automated molding line can produce these size castings at an accelerated rate, keeping costs down. Robotics, EV’s, medical x-ray companies, battery/energy storage, all need large aluminum castings, that also demand material certification, superior surface finish, machining, along with certain secondaries. We can supply you a “ready to assemble” product.

Need a large Casting?

Most production foundries depend upon automatic molding lines. We have a Sinto automatic line that produces parts that fit into a 16” x 20” inch footprint. But if you need anything larger, most foundries cannot comply.

We can! The picture shows you the size casting we can pour with our semi-automated molding line. We also can pour larger casting than this with our floor molding technology.

large castings foundry.
Size chart for our semi-automated Cope & Drag molding line.

Our Machining Division

From very small castings, to mid-sized, to very large casting, we can handle it.

No matter what the size casting we pour, we have the CNC machining centers that can machine it. From very fast vertical machining centers to very large horizontals, we can machine every casting we pour, no matter the size.

And we also offer several secondary operations like paint, powder coat, minor assembly, leak test, etc.

“One Source – One Responsibility”